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Danijel Bumbar

Full Stack Developer

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Personal & Professional Profile

My objectives are to work with open minded people. To share my experience with them as they tend to share their with me. To work for the greater good and to have fun doing it. To develop web applications and softwares that are extremely fast and leverage the power of the mashable web.This should lead the web towards increased interoperability, real-time data and effective, meaningful communication.

Skilled in many aspects of Programming, I strive to offer a high level of service and quality work to my customers. I have about 10 years of experience; working with many clients from various industries worldwide. I provide services in: Programming, Custom CMS, HTML, PHP, CSS (SASS/LESS), XHTML, ASP, JS, JQuery/AngularJs, Ajax, Flash, C#, C++, MSSQL, MySQL, Batch. I also have some experience in fields Java, JSF, .

I also made phone apps for iOS and Android, so for iOS I used Cordova/PhoneGap frameworks and for Android phone app I used its native language Java.

Technical Skills

Those technical skills are gained from experience and I have coverage programs for each skill.

I calculated experience with spending time doing it and sum of the code I made.

If I currently use that programming language on my freelance project that mean that my skill is 100 percent; Excellent.

Develop Facebook Apps, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, WordPress template;wigets, Typo3 ext.

Developed my own CMS, Forum, JavaScript Forms. Besides other forums PHPBB, vBulletin

Having knowledge how

and widgets that can be leveraged across platforms.

Developed plug-in for Magento.

I am using Environment Applications:

NetBeans, Aptana, Spring, UML, BPMN, Maven, IDEA IntellJ

Visual Studio VC#, C++, VB (LINQ/WCF/WF/WPF),Silverlight tools

3D Studio Max, Google SketchUp

MySQL Administrator

Photoshop, Illustrator

After Effects


Adobe Premiere Pro

MS Server, Oracle

SVN Server, Linux Shell Scripting, Putty, Duply, WinSCP, BackUpDiff, GitHub

Mac Development XING, Xamarin C#

Responsive Website


MySQL Apps: MySql Data Compare, Workbench, HeidiSQL, phpmyAdmin

Operating Systems:

Windows, Linux, MAC

I am innovative, creative, flexible, and self-motivated, with the ability to design and write reliable, high-performance, maintainable code. Solid communication skills and the ability to work well in a team.















Work Experience

Software Developer


  • Period:Feb 2017 - Dec 2017

Kidgonet Development

  • Linux Server Administrator
  • iOS Development - Cordova
  • PHP Development - Laravel
Description: Did build a network structure which is safe for kids to surf from Android and iOS devices. "Safe" means that porns, violence ... are in Internet prohibited for kids. Bind DNS, MySQL, Apache2, APNs(iOS), MDM ( Mobile Device Manager for iOS ) services which are all connected to API to control behavior of phones access to Internet.

Software Developer

Company Software

  • Period: Jan 2014 - Dec 2016
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • Company: SKS365

SKS365 Development

  • Software Developer
  • Linux Server Administrator
  • Windows Server Administrator
Description:My tasks were to make competitive betting software so that company can show it to its customers. First project that I had to make was “Live Odds Viewer”, project is showing odds to the customers so that customers can place their bet when betting odds are best for them because odds are constantly changing. Seconds project was “Betting Terminals”, customers can use terminal for placing bet when the odds are best for them. Betting terminal shows all odds from different sports and it has integrated money acceptor, barcode scanner, printer, NFC reader so that customers can insert money, check their winnings, print their betting ticket, scan their customer card, check their money…

Typo3 Developer

Customer Software

  • Period: May-October 2013
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • Company: Web Crossing

Web Crossing Development

  • Software Developer
  • Typo3 Developer
  • Magento Developer
Description:My duties were to make projects done, fastest as possible. Most of the project were based on Type3 CMS. The procedure was following, I got project description and design on Email and during that developing time I was syncing information directly with the customer and with the boss about the changes and improvements.


Custom Project

  • Period: 2013
  • Job type: Contract
  • Company: N/A

Custom Development

  • Java Developer
  • iOS Developer
Description:Expressing bad things that were happening in that day, that you don’t want to share with someone you know but with someone you don't know.

PHP Developer

Custom Project

  • Period: 2013
  • Job type: Contract
  • Company: N/A

Custom Development

  • PHP Developer
Description:“AV Tracker” has purpose to track state of a virus if is it passed antivirus test or failed. Project has structured CMS behind.

Senior Back/Front End Developer

Company Development

  • Period: June 2012
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • Company: Basic Elements

Social Network Shirix

  • Software Developer
  • Linux Server Administrator
  • Backup Operator
  • Software Analyst
  • Network Administrator
Description:My job was to develop, maintain, improve, analyze project shirix.com with constant improving to customer layout, design, wishes. Every day we had “stand-up meetings” about task that we did last time and what we are going to do at that day. We shared, corporate, developed our knowledge and our relations.

Senior Back/Front End Developer

Customer Services

  • Period: January 2011, 1 year
  • Job type: Contract
  • References: N/A

Medical Services Provider

  • Lead social product engineering
  • Create fully interactive web interfaces with UI
  • Client Services
  • Backend Frontend
  • OOP
Description:Dental Presentation Website offers services that has custom CMS and PHPBB forum.

Back/Front End Developer

Industry Broker Services

  • Period: March 2010, 1 year
  • Job type: Contract
  • References: N/A

Broker Service Provider

  • Comprehensive benefits package including a great stock plan;
  • Broker Services
  • Account Protection
  • Graph Statistics
  • Leader
Description:Maintain brokers system that helps brokers to sell/ buy customers stock from someone else at better price of a stock. Bug fixing, improving system, development, changing layout on customer wishes.

Back/Front End Developer

Security/Surveillance Services

  • Period: April 2009, 1 year
  • Job type: Contract
  • References: N/A

Coordinates with users and / or business analysts to understand requirements.

  • Excellent problem solving and interpersonal communication skills
  • Knowledge of object oriented design and analysis
  • Experience in direct marketing or email marketing in the software solutions environment and or internet technologies
  • Investigationes demonstraverunt lectores
  • Deliver important and vital solutions for customers.
Description:Presentation website about services and products with custom content management system.

Front End Developer

Web Services

  • Period: March 2008, half year
  • Job type: Part-Time

Involved with Server-side component design.

  • unique e-commerce application
  • end-to-end technology solutions to business
  • Ensure that development tasks are completed within the timeline provided
  • Maintain Web-based PHP applications
  • Defines development tasks, assigns tasks to development team.


Apeiron APEIRON University

Bachelor of Information Technology.

English - Fluent. As a foreign student working and volunteering in the USA, Danijel inevitably gained experience in cultural

Danijel Bumbar is GreenHeartGreenHeart Member, non-profit world organization, Center for Cultural Interchange.

understanding. Danijel overcame language barriers and cultural differences to become an integrated employee and volunteer in their host community. Additionally Danijel has experienced volunteerism in the United States. This participant is knowledgeable about volunteering in the United States and what it means to be an active and engaged community service member.

I visited German language courses for my profession, B2 completed.


Volunter at City Hall Laurel, Maryland, United States.

Collage of Information Technologies

Class of 2008

Clients & Portfolio

Selected Clients

All experience gained from work with other customers and cooperation of other developers. Thanks all of them.

  • PlanetWin365
  • Web Crossing
  • Shirix
  • MonetBroker
  • Procontrol
  • Oil Modrica, Prime Comm.
  • 3D animations
  • Sfinga

Selected Works

  • Terminal prematch
  • Odds Viewer
  • Bad Day App
  • drmacura
  • monetbroker
  • shirix